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Unusual hotels around the world

By October 6, 2011 November 8th, 2018 No Comments

We all like to plan something exciting into our holiday – something we can come back and tell our friends about, an experience that we’ve had that they haven’t. And what could be more thrilling than spending your holiday under the sea, or inside a mountain? Each of the following unique and unusual hotels is on one of the seven continents – which one would you most like to visit?

1. Europe: Berlin – The City Lodge Hotel
This hotel was designed and created as an art installation, and is described by many as more of a museum than a hotel – but don’t let that put you off! Rooms are themed around terms such as ‘Therapy’ – a room with relaxing music and light changes – and an upside down room – which is designed to turn guests on their heads! Completely surreal and quirky, this hotel is definitely one to write home about.

2. Asia: South Korea, The Flush Hotel

South Korea may not be the first place you’d pick as a holiday destination – but you’d probably be even less likely to choose to stay in a 400 square meter toilet bowl – right? Well, if you want a unique hotel, this is Asia’s craziest offering. The $1.6 million structure was built to increase awareness of the need for cleaner sanitation worldwide – and surprise surprise – it’s called ‘Flush Hotel’.

3. Africa: Egypt – Adrere Amellal Ecolodge

Egypt is a wonderful and unique destination in its own right – but a visit to the country would be all the more noteworthy if you stayed at the Adrere Amellal Ecolodge. This mud and salt hotel is not traditional – what may be a public area in summer is closed off in winter, while you may eat breakfast in one room one day and another the next! For excitement, enchantment and an eco-friendly stay, this is a great choice.

4. North America: Key Largo, Florida – Jules’ Undersea Lodge

For truly adventurous travellers, what could be more exciting than staying at an underwater hotel? You’ll need to dive 21 feet beneath the azure waves to enter Jukes’ Undersea Lodge – but there you will find a secret underwater clubhouse, complete with hot showers, a full stocked kitchen and a bedroom with under-the-sea views. You can even order pizza to be delivered straight to your door if desired!

5. South America: Chile, The Magic Mountain Hotel

What could be more exciting than staying in a hotel within a mountain? How about staying in a hotel inside a mountain which spews water like a volcano and you need to cross a rope bridge to enter? Got your attention? The Magic Mountain Hotel in the Huilo Huilo Private Natural Reserve is situated to make the most of the stunning surroundings and even includes miniature gold and private hot tubs… Pretty special, right?

6. Oceania: New Zealand, Hobbit Motels

For a fan of Lord of the Rings, what could be more impressive than a holiday in New Zealand (where the movies were filmed) staying in a hobbit hole? This motel accommodation includes a kitchen, bathroom and separate bedroom and can host up to 6 people – but it’s the amazing design features that make this a standout place to stay!

7. Antarctica:

Although Antarctica doesn’t have any hotels on the continent itself (it’s only accessible half of the year), it’s still possible to visit. A cruise stopping at the southern-most continent will definitely give you something to talk about when you return home. Antarctica is the world’s coldest, driest, highest and cleanest continent – and less than 50,000 people visit each year. Try a cruise past Cape Horn, across Drake Passage and to the Antarctic Peninsular – but beware – you’ll be at the mercy of the weather and seas…