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Why travel reviews are important

By July 11, 2013November 6th, 2018No Comments

Reviews! The internet is full of them…but reviews aren’t really a new concept are they? People have always recommended their favourite restaurants, a good movie, or a place to go.

The power is in the hands of the consumer today, with the help of the internet, add a social layer and boom! It’s a powerful combination. Anyone can post their opinion about a brand, product or service online and influence anyone, anywhere in the world.

Think about how many times your friends have recommended in person somewhere that you have ended up going to? When everyone is talking about that really great resort or hotel  it’s natural to be curious and try it yourself.


Because reviews are left by real individuals and not posted by a brand trying to sell their services,  it gives an element of trust – individuals writing genuine, honest reviews about their experience to help other people.

We at think reviews are really important because your opinions about a destination, airline, hotel, and your experience with us all count! Your personal travel experiences can help make another person’s dream holiday okay or truly amazing…it really could – powerful stuff hey?!

We all look online before we book or commit to buying anything and check reviews these days, that’s why recent reviews left for others  are so important, helping aid the decisions of other people from someone with recent experience.

In a recent survey of customers, only 6% left a review about their recent trip. Thumbs down!

If you have been helped by a review when choosing your holiday, why not help others by sharing your amazing travel experience in a review!

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By Kelly Brindle