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Taste your way around the city…

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Dining in New York is an experience in itself. 

Dining in New York is an experience in itself. You’ll find some of the world’s best restaurants in the most glitzy of locations. But all this comes with a price. This may be the New York many of us think we know, but there’s another side to the Big Apple culinary experience. With famous Bohemian neighbourhoods around the likes of the East and West Village, and Lower Manhattan you’ll find classic New York dining for a budget price.

Here are our favourite places to fill up on $10 or less:

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Fiore’s Pizza

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165 Bleecker Street, Lower Manhattan

Thin and crispy bases topped with sweet tomato sauce and dripping in mozzarella, it’s easy to see why these pizzas have become so popular. Unlike many New York pizza joints where the pizza requires folding, these slices are cooked in a fish-brand rotary oven; giving you a firm Staten Island-esque slice. Fill up for as little as $2.50 for a simple cheese and tomato slice.

Corner Bistro

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331 West Fourth Street, West Greenwich Village

Serving up the tasty American classic of burgers and fries at a bargain price, Corner Bistro is a true locals’ favourite. Because of this it’s wise to get here early to a get a taste of their delicious food, as queues regularly form at the door. With pints of beer and thin and lightly crisped fries on sale for $2, alongside gut busting burgers for around $7, you’ll be dining in a true NYC institution on the cheap.


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14 West 4th Street, Greenwich Village

Open for breakfast, dinner, lunch and all weekend, Dojo is the perfect veggie hangout if you’re a non-meat eater or just fancy a healthy alternative to classic American fare. Dojo offers a wide variety of veggie specialities including soy burgers, Hijiki tofu burgers and steamed veg don, amongst numerous other selections. Some meals can be snapped for under $5, and the portions are pretty impressive too.

Beyond Sushi

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229 E. 14th Street, Lower Manhattan

Sushi can be pretty expensive, but Beyond Sushi offers inexpensive dishes with a twist. It may sound like a strange concept, but vegan sushi is actually really tasty. With ingredients including avocado, mango cucumber and a number of other colourful and tasty vegetables alongside black rice, diners can feast for as little as $6.50.

Mamak House

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35-20 Farrington Street, Flushing

The owner of Mamak House is bringing a taste of Malaysia to NYC, with the restaurant self-titled as “the first authentic Penang’s Indian Malay Mixed Halal cuisine in Flushing.” The restaurant incorporates everything from aromatic curries and deep fried okra to chicken satay, for as little as $6.95. Even the more expensive dishes cost under $20. The restaurant also offers up delicious summer desserts, including their tasty shaved ice concoction called ais kacang, for under $4.

It’s all delicious, cheap and a true taste of NYC. Find your perfect New York holiday with