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Food festivals around the world

By November 14, 2013 No Comments

Over the last few years we’ve become a nation obsessed with food, and I don’t just mean we’re becoming a country that may consume a little too much of it. No I mean we’re consuming food in every aspect of our lives, aside from the dinner table.

For many of us, this love of food is a key ingredient of the perfect holiday too. We may head to food festivals in the UK or particular locations in Britain to try local delicacies, but we’re also heading a little further afield to get our food fix. If you’re a foodie that loves nothing better than travelling and eating, make sure you check out our top food festivals from around the world.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Do you love garlic? Well if you do then head over to California where they hold a festival dedicated to a vampire’s worst nightmare every July. Whilst here you can get creative with your food and revel with your fellow foodies, as you sample culinary creations including garlic ice cream, soft drinks and lollipops, as well as taking part in the Great Garlic Cook-Off.

Whilst in California we want you to get so much more than just a garlic fix, it’s a real foodie haven with so much on offer.

For you wine aficionados out there, you’ll probably already know that California is the world’s fourth largest producer of wine. For foodies, no trip to this area of the world would be complete without some time spent in the Napa Valley – one of the planet’s premier wine growing regions. It takes wine tasting to a whole new level.

The food in Cali is pretty good too. A couple of our favourite restaurants are Greens for the veggies out there and Slanted Door, for something a little more high-end. In all honesty, whether you’re heading to San Fran, LA, or Carmel food will always be top of your list of the must-do’s.

Chinchilla Melon Festival

Considered the ‘melon capital’ of Australia, Chinchilla apparently provides 25% of the nation’s melon crops. Because of this, celebration is obviously in order. Starting in1994 to lift the town’s spirits following a severe drought, the event has gone on to be named one of the best in Australia – it even won a Regional Achievement Award. Whilst here make sure you delve straight in and experience the delights of melon skiing, melon tossing and melon bungees. You’ll experience the fruit like never before.

But Australians have much more to showcase than watermelons and the trademark BBQ. With so much on offer here, you’ll experience a diverse range of meats you’d never even considered, with Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu regularly popping up on menus throughout the country’s many restaurants.

Australia is definitely a place for the culinary adventurous as you can sample traditional aboriginal foods like grubs, popular seafood like crayfish, and fresh fruits that are perfect whilst relaxing on beach.

There’s also an abundance of events surrounding food throughout Australia every year, held by Fine Food.

Main Lobster Festival

Lobster – the fanciest of all the seafood’s and often quite expensive. It’s not something many of us eat regularly, but in Maine they just love lobster. In fact, every August they steam up to 20,000 pounds of the crustaceans and indulge in their Lobster Festival.

You may have guessed that the people of Maine enjoy lobster, but they don’t just stop at the tasty snappy delight. For a real taste of Maine, check out their speciality foods. You’ll find a lot of gourmet cheeses on offer, but in reality it’s all about the seafood.  The delicious smoked varieties found in places like Ducktrap River will be heaven for those who enjoy the ocean’s culinary bounty.

But it’s not just seafood that Maine is famous for. Make sure you check out their wild blueberries and head to the famous famers’ markets to experience the delicious goods on offer. There’s also plenty of alcohol to complement the food, including Cold River Classic Vodka, as well as local wine, which can be experienced on the Maine Wine Trail.

Potato Days

Barensville in Minnesota is renowned for potato production, and every year they take two days to celebrate the joys of the spud. With a variety of potato tastings going on and wacky events, including potato wrestling, you’ll see and taste the humble spud in ways you’d never imagined.

But there’s more to Minnesota that just potatoes, with a whole host of local culinary surprises on offer. The Golden Fig sells a variety of hand crafted foods, whereas The Wedge Co-op sells natural foods and has a natural meat counter.

Meat is big in Minnesota, so if you’re a meat lover travelling here will provide you with culinary delights like no other. With The Sausage Shop specialising in in German sausages and Thielen Meats selling world famous bacon you’ll be able to really get your meat fix.

What culinary delights do you want to sample when travelling?

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