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Jordan Scene Setter

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Discover desert landscapes decorated with ancient wonders in Jordan

A magnificent land in the Middle East that will open your eyes to a rich, colourful history and breath-taking monuments dating all the way back to some of the very earliest settlements in the world. From the red mountains of Petra that tell the stories of the Nabataean Arab people to the phenomenon of the Dead Sea where natural salts make you weightless in the water, Jordan opens the door into a world of culture, magic and experiences like no other.

Good to know

  • Flight time: Approximately 5 hours
  • Climate: Temperatures range from a low of around 4°C on a winter’s night, to a high of around 40°C on a summer’s day
  • Local currency: Dinars (JOD)
  • GMT: +3 hours


The fascinating history of the Arab Nabataean people is waiting to be uncovered at Petra, where intricate carvings, a Roman-style theatre and delicate tombs tell the story of this ancient site.

The Dead Sea

Experience weightlessness in this remarkable body of water, set in the lowest point below sea level on the Earth’s surface. An excess of natural salts creates the natural buoyancy of the waters and has great health benefits.

Don’t miss!

  • The ancient allure of Petra
  • The magical force of the Dead Sea
  • The cascading rockscapes of Wadi Rum
  • The history of Jerash

Wadi Rum

Witness the power of the elements at Wadi Rum where the desert landscape and giant rockscapes are a work of art created by the diverse weather conditions.


Step back in time at the Roman ruins of Jerash. You’ll find ancient public squares and plazas, city walls that still stand tall, and fountains that were once a beautiful, ornamental feature, all dating back more the 6,500 years.


Making its mark as the capital city of Jordan, Amman offers a blend of traditional Middle Eastern experiences with an energetic urban pulse. Spend time exploring the contemporary art scene before taking in the more historic side of the city, including the remarkable Roman ruins, the magnificent views from the Citadel, and the arrangement of mosques and souqs.


This historic market town prides itself on its friendly welcome to visitors, opening its doors to a culturally diverse population, where you’ll be treated to an array of sights and sounds as various religions are called to prayer. Madaba is best known for a vibrant collection of mosaics, injecting bursts of colour into different parts of the town – don’t miss the intricate mosaic map on the floor of St George’s Church!


Notably Jordan’s most famous landmark, Petra has been named as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World; a ‘lost city’ carved into rose coloured mountains. Take a glimpse into the history of the Nabataean Arab people that called Petra home some 2000 years ago; their stories are told through intricate carvings and elaborate architecture that will leave you in awe of this impressive site.


Uncover an ancient Crusader fort where legends were made and ancient battles were once fought amidst stone-vaulted walls and secret passageways. The castle of Karak still stands strong; an adventure waiting to be had. Located within the old city walls you can spend the day exploring the ruins, or visit during the sight and sound event when 50 lights illuminate the castle and a documentary is screened revealing the secrets of Karak.


Aqaba is Jordan’s chilled out, relaxed holiday resort set on the Red Sea. This small town offers the chance to fill your days with exciting watersports and scuba diving trips, where you’ll discover the spectacular coral reefs hidden beneath the waves of the Red Sea. There’s also activities that will keep your feet firmly on the ground, with the Aqaba Fort and Archaeological Museum to explore.

Take a tour

From a monumental ancient city in Petra to a historical castle fort in Karak, and a unique experience in the Dead Sea to a relaxed holiday atmosphere in Aqaba; whether you’re searching for culture, adventure or natural wonders, there’s plenty on offer. Discover it all with a Jordan tour…

Tours include:

• Return scheduled flights
• Transfers or car hire
• First and last nights accommodation (at the least)
• Freedom to explore

Jordan highlights

– Touch down in Amman and after a transfer to your hotel, the day is yours to explore at your leisure
– Visit the lowest point of the Earth’s surface at the Dead Sea and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness as you float in the excess of salts, absorbing natural health benefits from the mineral-rich water
– Journey to the wondrous Petra, set in rose-red mountains, revealing the history of the Nabataean Arab people through intricate carvings created over 2000 years ago

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Classical Jordan

– Spend a day of leisure in the capital city of Amman
– Journey to Mount Nebo and view the iconic religious plaque that stands at the top, as well as breath-taking panoramic vistas over the Jordan valley and the hills of Jerusalem that decorate the horizon
– Visit Madaba, the ‘City of Mosaics’ and discover the oldest known map of the Holy Land
– Witness the splendour of Petra and find history hidden beneath ancient carvings and elaborate designs
– Experience the thrill of a jeep safari through the Wadi Rum desert
– Chill out on the beautiful Red Sea coastline at Aqaba

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Jordan uncovered

– Take in the sights at your own pace in Jordan’s capital city, Amman
– Witness the age old Mosaic Map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land in Madaba
– Gaze over the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea from the top of Mount Nebo
– Marvel at the narrow Siq gorge surrounded by soaring cliffs and coming to an end at the iconic Al-Khazneh carved temple
– Learn about the ancient cultures of the Nabataean people through the unique etchings at Petra
– Experience the ‘The Valley of The Moon’, more commonly known as Wadi Rum; a stretch of desert with an unusual landscape due to the impact of the elements. Take all of this in with a thrilling 4×4 jeep tour
– Relax in the stunning seaside resort of Aqaba and dive in to explore the colourful corals in the Red Sea
– Lounge on the buoyant waters enjoying the holistic properties of the salt and minerals in the Dead Sea

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Red Sea Escape

– Enjoy free time in the seaside resort of Aqaba where you can venture on a snorkelling tour in the Red Sea to discover colourful corals and exciting marine life
– See the spectacular narrow gorge known as the Siq, edged by soaring cliff tops and leading to the ancient city of Petra
– Investigate the historical carvings that decorate the ‘Rose City’ of Petra
– Journey on to ‘The Martian’ movie set at Wadi Rum. An expanse of desert that has been beautifully imprinted by the impact of the elements
– There’s time for another day of rest and relaxation in Aqaba before your transfer back to the airport

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