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Make your Australia holiday fantasy a reality

By September 3, 2014 No Comments

So you can’t afford your dream holiday – or can you? Breaking away from our day to day lives and soaking up some much deserved sun, we Brits love a good holiday. But a recent survey suggested many of us are missing out on our most desired destinations.

Affordable Australia holidayss

Make your Australian holiday fantasy a reality with

Topping our list of fantasy holidays was Australia. But, although half surveyed hoped to one day visit the land down under, 90% said the cost alone was preventing their dream from becoming reality.

However, whereas the recent economic climate weakened currency conversion, the pound is currently experiencing a five-year high against many currencies; one of these being the Australian dollar.

You now get almost double what you put in, with £1 being the equivalent of 1.77AUD.


Don’t break the bank

Understandably, Australia isn’t the cheapest of places to visit due to a high cost of living; minimum wage is just under 17AUD per hour. However what’s key to remember is technically, everything you pay out in Australian dollars, is nearly half that amount in pounds.

For example, a one day ticket at the Australia Zoo for an adult costs 59AUD, which is roughly £33. A one day ticket for an adult at London Zoo, a similar experience on opposite sides of the world, would cost you around £24. So the price difference in comparison isn’t really that much.

The same can be said when it comes to food and travel. Food in Australia can be expensive with many dishes starting at 15AUD; although this is the equivalent of £8.50, cheaper than most UK restaurants. But like other cities across the world, there are many places to eat on a budget such as Duy Linh in Sydney, charging less than 13AUD for a number of its dishes, and the Good Fortune Roast Duck House in Perth, charging 11.50AUD (£6.50) for roast duck with rice, to name a few.



A one way bus ticket from central Melbourne to one of its airports using SkyBus, the city/airport express service, can set you back 18AUD (£10.15) for a one way adult ticket, or 30AUD (£17) for a return. This however is usually expected as most airport travel can be a little more costly. But if you’re travelling around Australia, the best option would be to invest in a Greyhound Bus Pass. There are a number of options that allow you to travel the Australian east coast, such as Sydney to Cairns for 455AUD, which may sound expensive, but for unprecedented use of the bus system for up to 90 days; this averages at around five Australian dollars a day. However this pass only allows you to head in one direction.

Hotels  in Australia aren’t excessively expensive either, which is always a good thing. For those travelling on a tighter budget, you can get hostels for around 30AUD per night. Those looking for hotels will find places like the Seasons Heritage in Melbourne and the Cambridge hotel in Sydney, costing you from £85 and £72 a night, respectively.

Getting there

Even though the currency conversion rate allows you to enjoy your time in Australia much more comfortably; the issue of getting there can still be a worry for many. But look around to find you the cheapest Australia flight prices, getting you the best options on return tickets down under. also partner with various hotels and car hire in Australia, providing you excellent access to the best deals around. Ensuring you get the most out of your money during your vacation.

With the exchange rate brightening up, and access to cheap flights and hotels available, visiting the Land of Oz won’t may not cost as much as you first thought. So start planning your Australian adventure today, and make your dream a reality.