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We’re often reminded that cabin crew are primarily there for our safety. Whilst that is absolutely true, that hasn’t stopped some airlines from having a little fun along the way. The airline safety demonstration, for instance, was never exactly a barrel of laughs – and you might have found yourself not really paying attention. Airlines became aware of this and, because they genuinely do want us to know the safety procedures, they let their creative juices flow. Recent years have seen some brilliant alternative airline safety videos. We’ve rounded up six of our faves.

1. Delta Airlines – Internet Fame

Who doesn’t like a good viral video? This brilliant safety video from Delta managed to cram in a whole host of scenes from different viral clips, including the ‘double rainbow’ guy, the ‘Charlie bit my finger’ kid, the ice bucket challenge, the Harlem Shake dance and, of course, obligatory clips of cats and doggos. What really does it for us, though, is the way that the video is otherwise so professional and deadpan – it’s a typical safety video, interrupted by a screaming goat. Genius.

2. Qatar Airways – FC Barcelona

This clever production from Qatar Airways and their former partners, FC Barcelona, brought out the big names, with Neymar and Messi featuring in this football-themed safety demo. It sadly no longer plays onboard, but hopefully something new can be produced in time for Qatar hosting the World Cup in 2022.

3. Air New Zealand – Air All Blacks

This one is new from Air New Zealand and, as we’ve come to expect from the Kiwis, it’s pretty awesome. Designed to show just how rugby mad the country is, their safety video features All Black stars from the past and present. With an air of light heartedness to keep it entertaining and fresh, yet still informative, the video has a Hollywood vibe to it. We love it.

4. TUI – The Magic of Flying

This updated video from TUI just leaves us feeling all warm and happy inside. It nicely captures the joyful innocence of youth and that first-time-on-a-plane feel. While it’s fairly simple compared to other airline safety videos, it’s just enough. It’s sweet, it holds your attention and it makes you smile.

5. Qantas – The Spirit of Australia

This beautifully put together piece by Qantas shows off Australia in ways that only become apparent once you’ve visited the country. Australia isn’t about shrimp on the barbie and cork hats. It’s a diverse, caring society, with warm people and beauty everywhere you look. This safety video showcases that and tires to break down any stereotypical misconceptions.

6. Virgin America – Safety Dance

Virgin America may well have now been merged in to Alaska Airlines, but their vibrant legacy lives on with their safety video dance from 2013. Since the launch of Virgin Atlantic in the 1980s, the Virgin ethos has done a lot to change the airline industry. It’s safe to say that we expect more of the same in the years to come. Virgin, we doff our caps to you.

Have you seen any of these airline safety videos on your flight? Let us know in the comments.

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