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As the UK basks in grey clouds and disappointing temperatures, trade the drizzle for some serious dazzle and try summer in Las Vegas, baby!

What months are summer in Las Vegas?

Like the UK, the summer months in Las Vegas are June, July, and August.

Las Vegas temperatures in summer

We’re not gonna lie, it’s gonna be hot. The average temperature in June is a very toasty 37°C, whilst in July – Las Vegas’ hottest month of the year – the average is a whopping 40°C. In August temperatures drop a little – but only a little – to 39°C on average.

It’s hot in Vegas, but the good news is that it’s a dry heat, which most people find a lot easier to cope with than sticky, all-encompassing humid heat.

Is summer a good time to visit Las Vegas?

During the summer months Las Vegas boasts temperatures as high as 40°C+, making it a great destination for proper fun in the sun seekers. But if you’re not so hot for the heat, there’s still so much to do – a lot of Las Vegas’ best attractions are actually indoors and the city itself is designed to keep you cool with air conditioning pretty much everywhere.

Things to do in Las Vegas in summer

The Strip

Summer in Las Vegas is not complete without exploring the Strip. This 4.2-mile stretch is packed with world-famous hotels and casinos, plus a fab choice of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Stroll along the Strip, rubber-neck at the neon lights, and just enjoy the party.

In the summer specifically, we’d recommend leaving your mooch along the Strip until sunset, when temperatures drop a little bit, but if you just can’t wait (we don’t blame you) make sure to stock up on the iced slushy drinks that are sold practically every ten feet. You’ll have the tourist look down to a T, but it’ll be so hot you won’t care!

Pool parties

Ditch the pool noodles and armbands, because summer in Vegas is all about epic pool parties. We’re talking massive, world-renowned DJs, amazing crowds, proper feel good vibes and cabanas galore.

TAO Beach, Wet Republic, or Marquee Dayclub are all great shouts for an unforgettable day. Vegas pool parties are legendary for a reason, you know.

The shows

Las Vegas is home to some of the most spectacular shows in the world. From Cirque du Soleil’s impressive performances and magic shows to musicals (not forgetting Thunder from Down Under 😉). For music lovers, residencies by stars like Adele and Bruno Mars are a must-see and you 100%, absolutely, if-you-only-do-one-thing, have to catch a show at the mega impressive Sphere.


Las Vegas has pretty much got nightlife down to a T, let’s be honest. Running the gamut from chic lounges to world-class nightclubs, like Omnia, XS, and Hakkasan, there’s also dance and burlesque shows, and the famous supper clubs too.

High Roller and the SlotZilla Zip Line

For a unique view of the city, take a ride on the High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel. For the crazier, the SlotZilla Zip Line is the one you’ve probably seen before, the one that takes you right over Fremont Street, giving you an adrenaline rush and an amazing view of the famous street.

How to stay cool during summer in Las Vegas

Make use of the AC (a lot)

Like Dubai, Las Vegas is used to taking the heat, so air conditioning is very much the norm here. Pretty much everywhere will have it, and they don’t shy away from whacking it right up. It’s not uncommon for people to actually get chilly after being in the casinos for a couple of hours, even when it’s Satan’s armpit outside.

It also helps that a lot of the best things about Vegas all happen to be inside too, so you won’t feel like you’re sacrificing activities for the sake of keeping cool.

Stick around the pool

One of those activities are the pool parties Vegas is famous for. If you want to stay dry, make sure to rent a cabana for some good shade, but if you don’t mind getting wet, then staying in the water (with a healthy dose of waterproof SPF on) is one of the best ways to stay cool.

It doesn’t just have to be one of the crazy pool parties though, Vegas has pioneered the concept of not a drive-in cinema, but a dive-in cinema. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas holds them every summer in their Boulevard Pool, with The Dark Knight, Fast X, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning, and Top Gun Maverick all on the cards for 2024.

Do activities at night

Another handy thing about Las Vegas is that a lot of the activities you’ll be in town for happen at night anyway. But there’s still daytime activities that can be switched over to the darker (and slightly cooler) hours.

Take the famous Neon Museum, for example. We actually recommend you visit this one at night as standard anyway, because it’s the best way to see its huge collection of classic Vegas signage in all its dazzling glory.

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