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Take to the Skies in the Singapore Infinity Swimming Pool

By October 16, 2012 No Comments

You may not think of heights when you think of pools, but in this case, you’ll think you can touch the sky in the infinity pool atop the Marina Bay Sands Resort. Take a little trip 55 stories up to the SkyPark which is propped on top of three towers and step into the world’s longest elevated swimming pool. If you dare look over the edge, just remember you’re almost 627 feet above the streets below. The pool can hold 376,500 gallons of water, filling a mind-boggling 50,288.1 cubic feet. The vanishing edge gives the appearance that the pool has no end and kisses the sky.

This magnificent architectural wonder is part of the world’s most expensive stand-alone casino. It was built at the staggering cost of S$8 billion (Singapore dollars). If you think that’s something, imagine what a room would cost per night. It’s really not as bad as you might think if you’re planning on booking the cheapest one available. Rooms start around $359 USD and go up to a mortgage-the-house or sell-it-outright rate of $17,000 USD per night.

To be able to use the infinity pool you’ll have to rent a room, but if you can afford it you’re not likely to complain. You will have to pay an extra S$20 entrance fee (S$14 for kids) each time you use it. If you don’t think it’s worth it, you’re one very hard person to please and need more fun in your life. This is the pool of pools in one of the world’s most diverse cities. This pool is, in short, epic.

Just imagine yourself immersed in a pool in the sky and looking out toward skyscrapers where you can imagine yourself being watched by those in the upper floors directly across from you. It must be torture for the people working in those buildings, watching as up to 3900 people frolic in the water or sip cocktails on the plush lounge chairs around the pool. Sure, it must be a bummer, but in your mind you will realize that someone has to have a good time and it might as well be you.

The infinity swimming pool is designed with luxury in mind. Beautiful gardens and hundreds of plants and trees line one side with plush deck chairs that extend out over the pool. It has an observation deck that offers a stunning 360-degree view of Singapore. The SkyPark has been described as looking a lot like a cruise ship in the sky and that’s a pretty apt description. You can almost imagine it breaking free from the towers and floating through the air and disappearing over the horizon. That would surely freak a few people out.

The infinity swimming pool is in great company with top-notch restaurants like the KU DÉ TA Restaurant and Club Lounge and Sky on 57 so you can hang out all day and night if you like. Why not? You can eat, drink, swim, and party in one amazing, mind-blowing place. It would be criminal not to also mention The Chocolate Bar where you’ll think you’ve found chocolate heaven. Resistance is futile, so you might as well just give in to the temptation and enjoy every decadent moment.

If your next destination is Singapore, you must beg and borrow if you have to (stealing wouldn’t be kosher) to secure a room at the Marina Bay Sands Resort so you can experience the coolest pool on the planet. This is definitely one for the bucket list.

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