Picture the scene. You get to the airport for your flight home, kids and luggage in tow. The holiday has been fun, but it’s been a long day and everyone just wants to get home. But for reasons we won’t go in to, your travel plans have to change. No problem, you think, I’ll get on to my favourite flight comparison site, Netflights, and just book another. But, wait! You’re out of data, and although the airport has Wi-Fi, unless you compete a form and pay the premium, you’re only going to get 10 minutes’ worth for free. The tension is rising, the clock is ticking…

If only there was a simple way you could jump on to a Wi-Fi hotspot at any time, almost anywhere in the world…

Well, it’s funny you should say that. Because we’ve joined forces with Global Connect Wi-Fi to give our customers access to over 60 million Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 180 countries worldwide. So you’ll never have to worry about hunting for a connection or overpaying for data roaming again.

As the largest international access provider of secure Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide, Global Connect Wi-Fi gives its subscribers unrestricted hi-speed data connection to a multitude of hotspot locations – with no additional registration or costs. These include more than 800 train services, 780 airports, 85,000 hotel and convention venues, and nearly 3,000 aircraft across the world’s top carriers.

All you need to do is register online and, for just £9.99 per month, you’ll be able to automatically access high-speed data wherever you go, across two devices. It means that the days of dealing with the frustrations of registering for airport, café or hotel Wi-Fi – and then possibly only getting it on a time-restricted basis – are over. With a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, no minimum contract duration or limitations on data usage, you’re guaranteed flexibility, and will no longer have to worry about topping up data before going abroad.

Netflights’ Managing Director, Andrew Shelton, commented: “We’re here to make your lives easier. This partnership means that wherever you are, you can jump straight on to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot and start working, browsing the internet or booking your next trip with Netflights without worrying about additional costs, burning through your own data allowance, wrestling with data restrictions or the hassle of filling in forms.”

Global Connect Wi-Fi grew from the frustration Founder Jordan Hurley had finding reliable and affordable Wi-Fi when he was travelling the world. Of the Netflights partnership, he says: “We’re really pleased to launch this partnership with Netflights. We know their frequent flying customers will be reassured that, if they need it, the internet is right there – wherever they are.”

Netflights customers can register to join Global Connect Wi-Fi now.

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