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Weird and wonderful Vegas: Top 6 myths and rumours

By July 16, 2014 No Comments

Las Vegas is a place that could be described in a number of different ways. Bizarre is a bit of an understatement, taking into account the weird and wonderful things that have happened here over the years and continue to do every day from weddings to stories of the paranormal.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as sin city is filled with some of the strangest stories, facts and laws around. Here are some of our favourites.


1 – Ghostly goings on

Ghost stories are nothing new when it comes to Las Vegas, with creepy goings on reported in a number of the strip’s hotels. However there are eerily weird happenings a little further than the strip too. At the Chollar Mine, there have been sightings of a mysterious light and the ghost of a mule haunting the mine shaft. A little bizarre.  Although not seen since 1912, weird smells and sounds are still documented to this day. Then there’s Piper’s Opera house, for a little Phantom of the Opera weirdness; home to a friendly ghost who likes to walk across the rafters and the stage.

2 – Not everything’s legal

That’s right, what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean anything goes. Some strange things Vegas has made illegal are; fireworks, a state lottery, Indian casinos, alcohol within the city streets and feeding the pigeons and the homeless (because they’re clearly the same). Although the best has to be, making it illegal to ride a camel on any highway in Nevada; which makes you wonder what happened to get this law imposed. It is however legal to hang someone if they shoot your dog on your property, FYI.

3 – Banned

Not quite the same as being illegal, there are a number of strange things Vegas has banned over the years. Hip-Hop concerts were banned due to the number of violent incidents that happened at them; although it has been pointed out that alcohol causes more violence than Hip-Hop. However one of the best things ever banned from Vegas has to be the Queen of ‘It’ herself; Paris Hilton. Although she wasn’t entirely banned, she was denied access to both of the Wynn Hotels by the owner himself. Luckily for Paris the ban was overturned within a few months. We’re still unsure about the state of Hip-Hop though.

4 – Monsters among us

Yes, if we aren’t ghost spotting we’re finding the monsters that hide under our beds; or in a pond in this case. Although it was a while ago, 1879, there was once a monster lurking in a Grass Valley pond. But before you started running to hills with pitch forks, all was solved and it turned out to be an alligator. How the alligator got there is a mystery within itself.

5 – What lies beneath?

We often hear stories about things living in our sewers – crocodiles under New York are particularly popular. But in Vegas, things lurking under the surface are more than just a theory, it’s a reality. Although there aren’t giant killer crocs, there is a secret city housing around 1,000 people in a tunnel system that runs between the casinos. You’ll also find a 16,500 square foot mansion under the Las Vegas landscape too. Girard B. Henderson built the property in 1964, fearing nuclear war, complete with a pool, putting green and guest house.

6 – We are not alone

With Area 51 just up the road, Vegas and UFOs have gone hand in hand for decades, and a few years ago things got a little freaky. The Luxor Hotel already has a reputation for housing a few spirits, alongside a weird energy, which has been attributed to its pyramid shape. But in March 2012 the Luxor’s magnificent sky beam became the centre of attention, when a number of strange lights were videoed flying in and around the beam. Sadly for all you conspiracy theorists these have been passed off as a number of bats, birds and bugs. The Area 51 mystery still remains though.


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