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What’s best to wear on a long-haul flight?

By March 9, 2017 No Comments

Long flights take their toll, on you and your clothing.

It’s important to do what you can to stay comfortable. There’s nothing worse than spending long hours on a flight and then having to meet family, friends or business people in creased, stained clothing. Following some general guidelines can help ensure that you have a comfortable flight and still look good on the other side of it.

What to wear on a long haul flight

General clothing guidelines for flying

If you’re on a long-haul flight, you’re going to be spending many hours in the air – probably with little opportunity to move around and, if you’re an economy passenger, with not much leg room. Make sure you don’t compound the potential discomfort involved in a long flight by wearing clothing that’s too tight, too warm or too cold. These general guidelines always apply:

Dress in layers

Not all aircraft cabins are the same temperature. Dressing in layered clothing is the best option because it ensures that you can shed a layer or add one back as necessary, depending on variations in the temperature. Make the outer layer something like a light cardigan or jumper. Directly underneath, wear a shirt, blouse or t-shirt. Ideally choose clothing made of natural fibres instead of man-made fibres, to reduce any sweating.

Wear loose clothing

Loose clothing will obviously keep you more comfortable. For example, opt for loose-fitting trousers such as comfortable tracksuit pants and avoid socks or shoes that are tight around the ankles.

Sitting still on long flights slightly increases your risk of deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots in deep veins, especially in your legs. Avoiding tight clothing and moving as much as possible are two of the steps you can take to help prevent this. If you're at higher than usual risk of thrombosis, it's also a good idea to wear compression stockings fitted up to the knee - you can ask your doctor for advice.

Guidelines for business people

If you're due to meet with important business clients or partners at the other end of a flight, you'll need to look good - even if you've spent the last 24 hours in the air or in various departure lounges, waiting for connecting flights. First impressions count.

The best way of ensuring a smart appearance at the end of a long-haul flight is to wear loose, casual clothes, such as a tracksuit, for most of the flight. Then just before landing, change into smart clothes you've brought to meet people in. You'll still feel tired of course, but at least you'll look good!

Guidelines for parents

If you're a parent flying with small children, chances are high that something will be spilt during a long flight. Your main focus on the plane may be sheer survival, but especially if you're meeting family or friends you haven't seen in a long time, you'll want you and your children to look good when you step off the plane. Probably the only way to ensure this is to take at least one extra set of clothing to change into just before the plane lands - preferably two sets each for young children and toddlers.