By now we’ve all seen the back of back-to-work-blues and already broken a new year’s resolution (it’s the exception that proves the rule). Now it’s time to start thinking about the best places to go on holiday in 2018.

There’s a lot to be excited about. Georgia is buzzing to celebrate its independence and Russia’s historically significant cities are feverish with the excitement of the coming World Cup. Read on to find out about Netflights’ top rated countries to visit in 2018.

Holiday destination 1: South Korea

Why go now: Winter Olympics 2018

All set to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea is still a relatively little visited destination. The games will be hosted in Pyeongchang, an hour east on the new bullet train from Seoul. If you’re going, explore districts like Hongdae for the Indie party scene and Itaewon for food courts when you’re not spectating the games. Also not far from the sporting action are the palaces of the Jongno district and the mountains of Seoraksan National Park. Take a look at our Asia travel guide to get you started.

Holiday destination 2: Georgia

Why go now: 100th anniversary of independence

First of all, Georgian Airways now flies direct from London Gatwick. So the mountainous landscapes, sulphur baths and 8000 year old wine culture (thought to be the oldest) are even closer. Capital Tbilisi is benefitting hugely from a spike in eastern European tourism and is already showing signs of gentrification – edgy cafes, galleries and such like. Lastly, don’t miss out on the sulphur baths, khachapuri (cheesy bread) and a glass of all-natural wine. Check out Netflights’ cheap connections to European countries and see how much you could save.

Holiday destination 3: Russia

Why go now: embrace the 2018 World Cup

Last year marked the anniversary of the 1917 revolution. This year Russia is busy making preparations for the 2018 World Cup. The 12 stadiums are clustered in the European half of the country, reducing travel time for players and fans. The Fan-ID ticket system will equip attendees with visa-free travel. Additionally, it will grant free use of local bus, tram and metro services. England will play out the group stages in the historic city of Volgograd, the ancient city of Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad – between Poland and Lithuania. Find out more about Russia with these 10 fun facts.

Holiday destination 4: Cuba

Why go now: borders opening up

Cuba’s relationship with America has already brought change to this Caribbean island. Ironic that Americanisation is such a worry, when it’s 1960’s Coca Cola adverts and American produced pink Chevrolets that so define a Cuban holiday. Restoration of Havana’s old town’s colonial buildings, funded by the locked and loaded tourism industry, is one change that’s sure to please. Some say that it’s already too late to see the old Cuba, but delve into the rugged scenery of the countryside and prove them wrong. Find cheap flights to Cuba today with Netflights.

Holiday destination 5: Texas

Why go now: San Antonio’s three hundredth birthday

For an American holiday this year, consider San Antonio. Its 2018 calendar is full of more than 550 exhibitions and events. It’s all in celebration of the Tercentennial Arts and Culture Series that will feature local and regional artists. Topics include the histories and legacies of pre-independence, relationships between natural and built environments and Mexican and Latin American heritage. All this is in addition to Texas’ already packed summer roster of rodeo, music and other such events that take place every year. Find low rates and bargain deal flights to Texas with Netflights.

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