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Events happening around Super Bowl Sunday

By February 5, 2016November 6th, 2018No Comments
Events around Super Bowl Sunday

Events around Super Bowl Sunday

Heading to the heart of the action on Super Bowl Sunday? The energy in San Francisco will be off the hook in the coming weeks, but if you’re going to be in the Bay Area several days before the big game, you’ll want to find ways to fill your time in a productive manner.

Below, we’ll profile a number of attractions that’ll entertain you, until the Broncos and the Panthers meet to decide the outcome of Super Bowl 50.

Attend a fan fest

In the lead up to Super Bowl Sunday, there are a pair of fan festivals that’ll allow casual and hardcore lovers of football to connect with their favourite game on a personal level.

The NFL Experience driven by Hyundai features games where fans can test their passing and kicking skills, attend autograph sessions with past and present stars, and gawk over exhibits featuring past Super Bowl rings and the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Meanwhile, The Super Bowl City presented by Verizon will show off the cultural and technological prowess of the San Francisco Bay Area through a variety of pavilions. It’ll also play host to free performances by over 35 Grammy award winners over its week long run.

Check out Alcatraz and cruise Fisherman’s Wharf

After taking in the fan fests, make some time to see some of San Francisco’s bigger tourist attractions.

Hit Alcatraz first by taking the ferry from Pier 33, and spend the better part of a day exploring a prison that was once thought to be inescapable. Officially, every escape attempt failed, but two prisoners were presumed to have drowned, which opens up the possibility that they may have survived. Afterwards head to Fisherman’s Wharf after arriving back on the mainland.

Home to shopping, a couple of museums (including a Ripley’s Believe It or Not!), and numerous excellent seafood restaurants, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied, before returning to your hotel for the night.

Go wine tasting in Napa

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, an afternoon trip to Napa is a great way to keep yourself occupied until game day.

Located in the North Bay, this valley is filled not only with vineyards that offer tastings, but also restaurants that have received top accolades from some of the nation’s top food critics.

If you have an abundance of time, be sure to spend a couple of hours at spas like Spa Solage. Here you can experience geothermal soaks, as well as a sound and vibration chair that represents the cutting edge of relaxation therapy.

Dine in hipster/diverse neighbourhoods in Oakland

Despite this city’s reputation, escalating rents across the bay have led artists and hipsters to flee to the cheaper housing that Oakland has to offer.

West Oakland and Rockridge is home to countless vegan and organic friendly restaurants and cafes, while downtown, Chinatown and the San Antonio district are home to a variety of Pan Asian cuisine options.

Those looking for finer dining will find it in the Piedmont Avenue area, while those looking for Latin American flavours will love what they come across in Fruitvale.

Watch the game at some of San Francisco’s best sports bars

Before you know it, Sunday, February 7th will roll around, and Super Bowl 50 will transfix sports fans across America, and the world.

Those looking for the perfect place to watch the game will find a pair of excellent options in San Francisco. If you are seeking a tight-knit atmosphere, Kezar Pub is where you’ll want to be, as this watering hole once sat across from the former home of the 49’ers (that is, before they moved to their new stadium).

Filled with knowledgeable fans, those that don’t understand certain aspects of American Football, will find plenty of people that’ll educate them on the finer aspects of the game.

If you’re looking for tons of HD-enabled TV’s and a festive atmosphere, then Pete’s Tavern is where you’ll want to go. Located across the street from AT&T Park, the present home of the 49’ers, it has room for 1,000 patrons. And with a massive bar situated at its centre, you won’t have to wait long to have a pint placed in your hands, as you watch the action unfold.