Book with a reputable company like Netflights and your trip will be ‘plane’ sailing.

We all love holidays! If you’re like us, it’s what we live for. So, there are some important things to think about when it comes to booking your flights, holiday, car hire… whatever it is you’ve got planned.

Firstly, you need to book your holiday through a reputable company (like Netflights!) where you will see that they are part of an approved body which will give you some financial security. Take a look at the protection that Netflights offers:

ATOL Protection

ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) protects the customers of member travel agencies for flights and air holidays. The scheme is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority and most travel agencies are members. ATOL is the only scheme in the UK which manages flights and air holidays – if you’re flying abroad, you should ensure that whoever you book your tickets through is an ATOL member – like Netflights.

If a travel agency goes out of business while you are on holiday, ATOL will step in and cover the cost of finding new flights home. ATOL also refunds any customers who have yet to take their holiday.

You must receive an ATOL receipt – which will contain the name and ATOL number of the company – from the travel agent when you pay any money – including a deposit. Do not lose this information!

You will not be ATOL protected if you:

  • Only buy a scheduled flight and receive a ticket within 24 hours of payment
  • Book direct with an airline – so choose Netflights!

ABTA Protection

ABTA represent over 5,000 travel agencies and 900 tour operators in the UK. They create a set of guidelines (the Code of Conduct) which should be used by members to give the public a good experience of the company. ABTA membership suggests the company is reputable, respected and trustworthy.

If a member of ABTA should experience financial failure, your money may be protected – but not all travel itineraries are, so check with your agency when booking – you may need additional insurance. To take full advantage of the protection available under any financial protection scheme or the ABTA Code of Conduct, it’s important that you have the correct documentation when making your booking. See the financial protection page of ABTA’s website.

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