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Hong Kong's weirdest products

By January 13, 2016November 6th, 2018No Comments
Hong Kong's weirdest products

Hong Kong’s weirdest products

There have been some amazing inventions over the decades, and there have been some horrific ones, that quite simply, no one asked for.

On the flip side of this, it has provided us with some incredibly weird inventions to marvel at, and Hong Kong is a prime culprit in making some of these.

Here are a few of our favourite weird products from Hong Kong.

  1. Alternative Bumper Stickers

Ok, so a bumper sticker isn’t a particularly weird product, but in Hong Kong some of the messages you’ll find are slightly unusual to say the least. If you’re looking for ‘baby on board’ or ‘I’m with stupid’ you may be out of luck, but if you’re looking for ‘are you crazy or your pants too tight’ or, our personal favourite, ‘from far distance you look like a rainbow from near you look like a big potato’ then you’ll probably find just what you’re looking for.

  1. Facial Fitness PAO

Have you ever been to the gym and thought, ‘you know what needs a good workout? My face’. Well if you have there’s a product just for you. The Facial Fitness PAO is a face-exercising device with two winged appendages, held together by a more ball-like centre piece. But how does it work? Well you hold the centre piece in your mouth and vigorously shake your head, letting the appendages do their job – what that is we’re not quite sure.

  1. The Musical BBQ

When the sun shines over the British Isles there’s nothing we like more than a good BBQ and a little garden party. But trust the people of Honk Kong to improve the simple garden BBQ; enter the wondrous musical barbecue. No longer will there be fights over the music, as the person cooking can just plug in their iPod, or pop in a CD, and listen to the music of choice. However, not satisfied with making things weird enough, the person who invented it actually inserted a rotisserie, which means as the music plays the chicken dances – not creepy in the slightest, but definitely tasty.

  1. The Multi-Functional Spoon

It looks like a spoon, it acts like a spoon, but this handy piece of kitchen wizardry is much more than just a spoon. With a staggering seven or eight different attachments, you can mix it up this lunch time with functions including; traditional ladling, colander-ing, isolating, skimming, portioning, funnelling and you can even separate an egg yolk. Now if that doesn’t get you excited for making lunch for the family, we don’t know what will.

  1. The Phontuner

We’ve all heard of auto tune and if you haven’t, you’ve definitely heard it in action – we’re looking at you, Britney. But for some reason, someone in Hong Kong created the Phontuner musical visualisation software, which can be downloaded straight to your phone or PDA. After doing this, just sing into your device and watch it analyse your vocal ability – basically you can see exactly how tone deaf you are. Thanks for that.

  1. The All-in-One Toothbrush

They love a multifunctional device in Hong Kong it seems, and even the simple toothbrush hasn’t escaped. Brushing your teeth can be extremely difficult you know – toothpaste on your black t-shirt is the worst, isn’t it? As is missing the brush with the toothpaste, which is why this comes in handy, and dispenses the paste onto your brush with a handy squeeze – it’s stored inside the brush. You may even save yourself a few valuable seconds in the morning – enjoy the lie in.


So next time you’re in Hong Kong, keep your eyes open, because who knows what weird and wonderful things you may find.