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Singapore Scene Setter

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Singapore has it all

Welcome to Singapore – a place for everyone. Whatever you like to do on holiday, Singapore has got it in spades. Are you an explorer looking for jaw-dropping sights, or a culture vulture in search of art galleries? If you’re a foodie, say no more. We’d like to tell you all about the fantastic food, but you’d be drooling by the end of the sentence. And don’t even get us started on the shopping, nightlife and adventure options.

You see, Singapore really does have it all – so what are you waiting for? Get out there and see it.


Good to know

Flight time: Approximately 13 hours

Climate: With a tropical climate, temperatures range from lows of 25°C to highs of 31° year round

Local currency: Singapore Dollar

GMT: +8 hours


Are you ready to discover iconic landmarks, out-of-this-world theme parks,  and the world’s first night city safari? Whether you’re looking for hidden gems, serene spots to relax, or an immersive experience, you’ll find it all in Singapore.


Experience a water show like no other – free to watch and held twice per night. Be mesmerised by the dancing water decorated by laser and visual projections set against an inspirational soundtrack. A truly stunning experience!

Pulau Ubin

Go back in time to a simpler life. Discover an unspoilt and rustic gem in Pulau Ubin where time has stood still since the 60s. Abundant with wildlife in the wetlands and coral reefs, it’s a perfect trip for a lesson in how to unwind.

Don’t miss…

• Spectra

• Universal Studios Singapore

• Pulau Ubin

• Katong/Joo Chiat district

• Gardens By The Bay

• Marina Bay Sands

Katong/Joo Chiat district

Do something different – head off and explore the district of Katong /Joo Chiat to learn about the Peranakan culture – curious now aren’t you? Here’s a clue, this area is a melting pot of cultures, unique to this region. So see, smell and taste your way through this hidden hotspot for a day with a difference.

Universal Studios Singapore

With 24 rides in seven themed zones, shows and attractions, you are guaranteed a great day at Universal.

Gardens By The Bay

Rated TripAdvisor’s number 1 attraction – comprising:

Dragonfly Lake – fascinating aquatic ecosystem
Flower Dome – an ever-changing world of blooming flowers in perpetual spring
Cloud Forest – a mysterious mountain world full of rare tropical plants
Supertree Grove + OCBC Skyway – see the beautiful vertical gardens and walk through the air!

Tip: Stay ‘til early evening to see the beautiful light show

Marina Bay Sands

Think Singapore, think the Marina Bay Sands, an epic building towering over the bay area. Sprawling over 155,000 square metres with a hotel, celebrity restaurants, shops, restaurants and much more! A must see is the Sky Park.

Culture shapers

Doused in culture and heritage, Singapore is a fascinating city to uncover. Watch must-see international shows in state-of-the-art venues. Catch the culture bug and satisfy your inner artist at one of the many museums and galleries. Discover centuries of history with Singapore’s Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences. Or get out there and get crafty at one the many artisan workshops.

ArtScience Museum™

A visually stunning piece of architecture housing equally amazing international exhibitions, the ArtScience Museum™ is a must for art and science lovers combined.

The Masjid Sultan mosque

This ornate, gilded building is Singapore’s most famous mosque and one of the most impressive religious buildings you’ll see – a real treasure for the local Muslim community and a great sight to see while in Singapore.

Don’t miss…

• ArtScience Museum™

• The Masjid Sultan mosque

• Little India

• Teochew opera

Little India

Showcasing a fascinating and colourful culture, Little India will brighten your day with buzzing streets, vibrant markets and dazzling Hindu temples.

Teochew opera

Open your eyes to the past and see a different way of life passed through the generations at the Chinese Teochew opera. With animated dance and stunning costumes, let the traditions and drama wash over you at this distinctive art form.


Calling all foodies – a feast awaits. Singapore is one of the food capitals of the world. Alongside traditional Cantonese cooking, you’ll find Michelin-starred dining and authentic, lip-smacking street food. A date for any foodie’s diary is the annual Singapore Food Festival, the highlight of the culinary calendar.

Food tours

With so much food on offer, it’s best to book on to one of the many food tours. That way, expert local guides can help you experience the best cuisine. Trying as many local dishes as possible gives you the chance to get a true taste of Singapore. It’s tough, but someone’s got to do it.

Restaurant week

Held twice a year, Singapore Restaurant Week celebrates the best that this city has to offer. A selection of Singapore’s finest dining spots offer a set menu at a special price during these tasty weeks.

Don’t miss…

• Food tours

• Michelin dining

• Restaurant week

• Street food

Michelin dining

Singapore has many Michelin starred restaurants serving world-class dishes. The Labyrinth restaurant is renowned for its ‘art on a plate’ – food that looks as good as it tastes. And for something out of this world at an unbelievable price, visit the two hawker stalls – aka street food – with a Michelin star. Here, you can get a Michelin meal for just £3. Where do we sign up?

Street food

Any foodie worth their salt will get down to Singapore’s ‘hawker scene’. These open-air venues house a mountain of delicious dishes to tempt your taste buds. Try a coffee with a twist – maybe a honeydew long black? Then tuck into coconut rice with fried fish snack ‘cubes’ at Timbre+. This place alone is a good enough reason to go to Singapore.

See yourself in Singapore?

Well, there’s no time like the present. With so many holiday to choose from find your perfect Singapore holiday today!

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