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Top 10 tourist spots in Sri Lanka

By February 5, 2015 No Comments
10 top tourist spot in Sri Lana

10 top tourist spot in Sri Lana

Sri Lanka has it all; from some of the most perfect beaches you’ve ever seen, to mountains, rainforests, safaris and tea plantations. Not to mention friendly people, delicious food and perfect weather (most of the time). Here are ten of the best spots to visit when travelling around Sri Lanka.


  1. The beach near Unawatuna

Sri Lanka is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue sea and it promises not to disappoint. To get away from the crowds in Unawatuna head just out of town where you are likely to have your own private beach, sometimes complete with a rope swing into the sea.


  1. Day safari at Yala National Park

The safari parks are a lot smaller than those found in Africa, but still filled with adventure. On a day safari you are still likely to see loads of different animals without the cost of a longer stay at the park.


  1. Surfing on the East coast

The East coast of Sri Lanka is famous amongst top surfers, especially around Arugam Bay. It’s not as crowded as many other surf spots around the world and you may even get some waves to yourself. Relax after with some fresh fish caught by the local fishermen who share the coast with you.


  1. Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve

Count the different species of wildlife as you walk around Sinharaja Rainforest, from tropical birds, to brightly coloured lizards and tall trees. You can do an afternoon walking tour, or spend the evening camping under the canopy listening to the forest sounds come alive overnight.


  1. Walking to the top of Adam’s Peak

Whether you’re an early bird or not it’s worth catching the worm to walk up Adam’s Peak for the sunrise. You need to get up around 3am to start the long slog up almost 6000 steps, but the view and monastery at the top is worth the cost.


  1. Snorkel at Pigeon Island national park

You don’t need to scuba dive to see the coral reefs and colourful fish around Pigeon Island. Nearby hotels or dive shops will offer trips to the Island and you’ll also need to pay the national park fees, but the underwater world is well worth it.


  1. Visit the caves of Sri Lanka

From the top of the world to the bottom of the ocean, to tick off all parts of Sri Lanka you have to visit the caves, one of Sri Lanka’s newest tourist spots. The Batatotalena Caves at Sudugala offer prehistoric histories and a large community of bats.


  1. Eat kottu on the streets

The food in Sri Lanka is delicious and varies across the country, but the most popular dish amongst the locals is Vegetarian or Cheese Kottu. Try some at one of the many street stalls for under a pound and you’ll definitely be going back for more before your holiday is over.


  1. Sip tea at the Ashburnham Estate

You can’t visit Sri Lanka without stopping for tea. The Ashburnham Estate is a 1930’s bungalow surrounded by waterfalls, alongside 98 acres of tea plantations.  You can stay in the hotel or just stop by for tea and a tour.


  1. Explore Union Place in Colombo

You will probably fly in and out of Colombo and though there’s far more to Sri Lanka than its largest city, it’s still worth spending a day or two visiting museums and forts. Make sure you stop by Union Place to see the colourful houses connected with hanging washing, and children running between the narrow lanes.