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Unusual animals – where would you meet these critters?

By August 19, 2011 November 8th, 2018 No Comments

As it’s nearly the weekend once again, we here at Netflights have devised another fun Friday game. Below are four pictures of ugly, scary or just strange animals, with a little bit of information about each one – see if you can guess the name and where in the world they’re from! Bonus points if you have a picture of any other odd animals you’ve seen on your travels…

Image courtesy of Dean Croshere

1. This member of the monkey family is infamous for its long nose, which can exceed 10 cm! The nose is used to produce honks, which are used to communicate as well as to try and scare away predators!

Image Courtesy of MediateJack

2. This tiny animal only grows to a maximum of 16cm high, and its eyes are its most noteworthy feature – they’re fixed in their sockets, meaning that the animal has evolved to rotate its head 180 degrees! They can also jump up to 3 metres from tree to tree in one bound!

Image courtesy of gordonramsaysubmissions

3. Just the size of a hamster, this relative of the mole has eleven pairs of pink fleshy appendages which ring its snout. These are used as an additional touch organ, and each one has 25,000 minute sensory receptors, with which the mole feels its way around…

Image courtesy of chris.corwin

4. While related to the Lemur, this animal is actually more like a woodpecker with the way it finds food. It taps on trees to find hollow spaces filled with grubs, before gnawing through the bark and prising the insects out with a special finger! These animals are a threatened species as locals to their habitat believe them to be a symbol of death…

If you think you know the names of any of these animals, or where in the world they’re from, comment below – we’ll release the answers on Monday – have a great weekend!