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There comes a time when you start to crave the finer things in life. The signs are all there: you’ve made the switch from IKEA to John Lewis, you refuse to buy supermarket-branded tonic, and you’ve decided that oysters are, in fact, an acceptable thing to eat. Travel is no different. One day you’re sleeping in a 12-bed dorm in a hostel – then, before you know it, you’ve booked a villa with a private plunge pool. Your bunk bed days are long gone, and you definitely don’t do communal bathrooms. In short, you want a bit of VIP treatment. So it’s about now that you start to imagine the unimaginable – flying First Class.

Sound familiar? We thought so. Here are 8 signs it’s time for you to fly First Class.

  1. Packing light is a problem

That 20kg limit in economy just isn’t going to cut it. After all, how can you look like a superstar with just one outfit per day? Not to worry – thanks to your First Class extra luggage allowance, you can pack endless options.

  1. You hate queues

One of the major perks of First Class is that you get to skip all the lines. You’ll zoom through the airport, thanks to your dedicated check-in desks and fast-track security. So you’ll have time for the more important things – speaking of which…

overflowing suitcase
first class lounge
  1. You want time to relax before your flight

Two words: airport lounge. As a First Class passenger, you’ll have access to your airline’s First Class Lounge. Each airline has their own unique set-up, but you can expect plush seating areas, gourmet dining and a well-stocked bar. Some airlines, including Virgin Atlantic and Emirates, even have a spa in their First Class Lounge, where you can pamper yourself before you board.

  1. Fancy food is one of your favourite things

First Class food is not like regular plane food. Think high-quality ingredients and freshly-prepared dishes – and there’s plenty to go around. As well as a full-course meal, you can look forward to things like a cheeseboard service and help-yourself snacks, not to mention free-flowing drinks.

  1. You don’t do plastic cutlery

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that, in First Class, meals are served on fine-bone china with metal cutlery. Happy days.

  1. You think wine should always be in a glass

It’s not the same without the ‘clink’ sound, is it? From your welcome fizz to your morning orange juice, all your drinks will be served in a glass.

first class food
welcome drink first class
  1. You need your beauty sleep

When you fly First Class, you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep. As well as fully-flat beds and cosy bedding, a lot of airlines offer free PJs. Cathay Pacific provides cotton sleep suits, while British Airways and Qatar Airways supply pyjamas designed by The White Company.

  1. Basically, you love the VIP lifestyle

If you’re going to do something, you want to do it properly – and if that involves complimentary Champagne, a designer cosmetic kit and a chauffeur, then you’re okay with that. Everyone deserves a little luxury sometimes, right?

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