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Whet your appetite for the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

There’s nothing like diving into crystal clear waters on holiday. Spending time at the beach and swimming in the ocean is one of the best things about a trip abroad. But going for a dip in the Indian Ocean is next level. Here are seven fun facts about the most-loved ocean in the world.

We told you it's warm

We all know the feeling of going for a dip in the sea, and having the fear about getting our shoulders under those icy waves. Well the Indian Ocean isn’t having any of that, as it invites you to fully immerse yourself in its warm embrace. It’s well-known as the warmest ocean in the world. If you’re heading to the island paradise of the Maldives in November for instance, you can enjoy average temperate in the water of 29°C.

It's pretty huge

This seems a bit obvious; after all it wouldn’t be an ocean it fitted in your back garden. But as the third largest ocean in the world, it covers around 20% of the Earth’s surface, there’s plenty of room for everyone to take a swim.

It has some great seas

Within this vast expanse of ocean you’ll also find a number of famous, and amazingly brilliant seas to split you time amongst. This includes the well-known Red Sea and the warmest sea in the ocean; the Persian Gulf. So you all know where to head for your holiday.

It has the best neighbours

Along with its amazing seas come some of the most fabulous holiday destinations known to man. Boarded by Asia on the North, Africa to the West and Australia to the East, you get a picture of the types of holidays you can take. But there’s more to this amazing vat of water, small islands are scattered throughout, including Madagascar, the Seychelles, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Comoros and Bahrain.

Some of the world's best beaches

The Indian Ocean islands are home to some spectacular beaches. Anse Lazio is often thought to be the most idyllic beach in the Seychelles, but the likes of Bird Island and Anse Takamaka are up there too. In fact, head to any beach in the Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius or Sri Lanka and you’ll be in paradise.

You can still find a deal

The beauty of the islands means they’re a real draw for tourists, especially couples on their honeymoon. While that can push the price up for some, there are still deals to be found on other islands. For many Sri Lanka is the real jewel in the crown and still remains relatively cheap with many family run accommodation options available.

Incredible ocean life

When holidaying on one of the stunning islands in the Indian Ocean, you can enjoy the amazing marine life. When out on the water for a day whale watching, you can expect to see nearly 2000 individual whales or dolphins. There’s also 10 – 12 different species that call the Maldives’ coral reefs home.

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