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New York, New York. Ah, the Big Apple. Nobody does it better. Sitting pretty on the east coast, this city is one of the world’s most famous, most culturally important and most widely documented. It’s the subject of songs, films and a whole lot else. No surprise that so many millions of people flock to the city of dreams for a holiday.

But it’s also no secret that New York can get… a little chilly from time to time. And sitting on the banks of the North Atlantic, it’s true that it can get a fair bit of rain. But if you’re visiting the Big Apple during the long summer months, what can you expect?

The Big Apple in the summer

Big cities like New York have a huge tourist trade in the summer. Between Memorial Day (30th May) and Labor Day (2nd September) in 2019, as many as 17.4 million people visited New York, meaning that summer in New York is a busy one. And as you can probably imagine by this many tourists visiting the city every summer, the weather’s generally quite hospitable.

Unlike the winter months, where lows can frequently dip to zero, summers in New York are hot stuff! Between May and September, visitors can look forward to the peak of New York’s summer highs, with the average sitting normally just below 30°C. So pack those shorts and sun protectors — you’re going to need them.

Just make sure you’re not leaving that umbrella behind. Although it’s rare, being right on the North Atlantic means that New York will still get a little rain shower now and then.

What to do in the New York summer

With the sun beating down, you’ll get to see New York at its pristine best. Boasting a huge blend of cultures, tastes and influences, food-lovers will really fall for all they can grab in this huge city.

Running between June and October, the Queens Night Market is packed full of global food stalls. From Indian to Chinese to Spanish and all the way back, this famous market is loved by locals and visitors alike. Or why not check out the ‘Woodstock of eating’, Smorgasburg Market. The largest open-air food market in America, you can eat away to your heart’s content with thousands of other food-crazed visitors.

Or to get a bird’s eye view of the world-famous New York skyline, why not take things up a notch? Literally. Sit back and watch a classic flick from a rooftop cinema and cocktail bar — or just go straight for the drinks at one of the city’s skylight bars.

And don’t miss out on New York’s buzzing music scene. From free jazz to hip-hop, soul and rock n roll, a whole host of America’s top musical talent has come from this vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Take a stroll down any of the city’s big avenues or wander away from the beaten path to find a bar with some music that delights your ears.

With New York summers reaching some beautiful highs, you’re at liberty to explore this amazing city at ease. Whether you’re kicking back in Central Park, taking a boat trip down the Hudson or partying in a speakeasy bar, there’s a whole lot to do in New York.

Flying out to New York

Getting across the pond really couldn’t be easier. Flights from the UK to New York run from all the UK’s biggest airports and run every day of the week. With Netflights you can be sure you’re getting the best deals, so getting across to New York is a breeze!

Where to stay in New York

There’s no shortage of New York hotels to choose from. With the summer months being the bumper tourist months, hotels can often be booked up weeks — even months — in advance, so it’s a good idea to book your trip as early as possible. But if you fancy a last-minute trip, we’ve got loads of affordable deals – you just need to focus on the packing!

New York knows how to do things bigger. Book a trip out to this famous city during the summer months and enjoy a trip like no other. Netflights has a great range of New York flights and hotel deals that’ll get you to the heart of the action with a trip that suits you.