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Is it summer yet? Sadly, not yet in the UK – but further afield there are warmer temperatures awaiting. You’ve a cheeky few days off at the end of this month – make the most of it with a last minute holiday to somewhere hot in March and leave your big coat behind.

Where’s hot in March?

Phuket, Thailand

With near-constant tropical temps throughout the year, the balmy weather is just one of the many, many reasons tourists flock to Phuket. With temperatures hovering around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, March has the benefit of being warm but not too sticky, with humidity and rainfall ramping up towards the end of the month and heading into April.

Fly to Phuket in March and it’s perfect weather to get out and explore before it gets too hot. Head to one of the 30 glorious beaches and bathe in the tropically warm water, enjoy a spot of golf at one of the 5 courses, or hike up Monkey Hill and go wildlife-spotting – 3 guesses what you’ll see!

What’s the average temperature in Phuket in March?

The average March temperature in Phuket is around 28°C, with highs of 31°C.

Barbados, the Caribbean

Do you really need an excuse to visit the Caribbean gem that is Barbados? Well if you do, the tropical climate gives you the perfect reason. Enjoying warmth all year round, in March Barbados weather is beautifully warm and dry – slap-bang in the middle of peak season. So you may pay a little extra for flights unless you can score a last minute bargain – but it’s worth it, we promise.

So why visit Barbados in March? Well, there’s the prestigious Barbados Polo Season where novices and top-ranked players gather to battle it out on the pitch. You can get involved or just relax and enjoy the excitement with a cold glass of champers.

Then there’s the Oistins Fish Festival, a vibrant cultural celebration of the island’s fishing heritage, with lively music, dancing, and of course, fresh seafood by the bucketful. Or y’know you could just relax on the world-famous beaches.

What’s the average temperature in Barbados in March?

The average temperature in Barbados is 29°C – hot but not too hot. That being said, the UV index is pretty high so don’t skimp on the suncream!

The Canary Islands, Spain

Any one of the Canary Islands is perfect for a bit of much-needed sunshine after the seemingly endless UK winter. Basking in a lovely weather, the Canary Islands strike the perfect balance of warmth without being intolerable at any time of day. It can feel a little chilly in the evenings though, so be sure to pack a light jacket.

The sea can be a little on the cool side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a refreshing dip or a sandy stroll along the beachfront. There are plenty of events to get stuck into too, including Holy Week celebrations, carnivals, live music, dancing and a good ol’ dose of culture.

What’s the average temperature in the Canary Islands in March?

The average temperature in the Canary Islands in March is around 21°C – 25°C.

Mauritius, Indian Ocean

In Mauritius, March weather is a world away from the average 10 degrees in the UK. There’s a chance you’ll see some rain – it’s the end of cyclone season, after all! – but if you do, it’ll likely be a short, tropical shower.

Mauritius basks in 8 hours of daily sunshine throughout March – perfect for relaxing at the beach or enjoying a swim in 27 degree water.  The humidity can be quite high at this time of year, but it’s nothing a refreshing dip won’t fix!

Can you bag cheap flights to Mauritius in March? Yes, you can – February is the cheapest month for flights, and March isn’t much different. Keep your eye out for a last minute bargain too!

What’s the average temperature in Mauritius in March?

The average temperature in Mauritius in March is around 29°C, with highs of 31°C.

The Maldives

Enjoying the tropical climate of the Indian Ocean all year round, the Maldives is perfect for grabbing a spot of March sunshine. People flock to the Maldives at this time of year to catch the end of the dry season. It’s a bit quieter compared to earlier on in the dry season though, so you’re in with a better chance of snagging a last minute bargain – just watch out for price increases over the Easter holidays. Each day sees around ten hours of sunshine and the weather is perfect for snorkelling – it’s the beginning of the surfing season too!

You may see a bit of rain, but it won’t last long and let’s face it – Maldives rain is warmer and more pleasant than British rain, anyway!

What’s the average temperature in Maldives in March?

The average temperature in the Maldives in March is around 28°C, with highs of 32°C.

Bali, Indonesia

At the other side of the world, Bali is the tropical paradise that’s been drawing visitors in for decades. It’s not hard to see why – just look at it!

Bali benefits from year-round, balmy temperatures, so whenever you go you’re bound to feel the heat (might be a bit sticky if you go in May – August though).  March sees the end of Bali’s rainy season, though rain and thundershowers are still pretty common. But even with the rain, at this time of year Bali is a toasty 28 degrees Celsius on average – perfect for diving into that turquoise water for a spot of surfing, bodyboarding, or just good ol’ floating.

Peak tourist season begins in April, as Bali’s dry season begins. So if you’re visiting Bali in March, you’ll enjoy fewer crowds and cheaper hotel prices, so we reckon it’s a pretty good time to go!

What’s the average temperature in Bali in March?

The average temperature in Bali in March is around 26°C, with highs of 29°C.

Where’s hot in March?

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