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Baggage allowance - FAQs

1. How do I know what the baggage allowance on my flight is?

When making your booking online, the website will display the baggage allowance for your flight. Once your booking is confirmed you can find information on baggage on your e-ticket or on the baggage information pages on this website here.

2. Is the baggage allowance shown on my ticket per person?

The baggage allowance shown on your ticket is per person, with the exception of infants, who do not qualify for baggage allowance.

3. What does PC stand for on my e-ticket?

If your baggage allowance is showing PC, this stands for piece, e.g. 1 piece of luggage. If you need more information on the weight allowance, you'll find it here.

4. How do I know what hand luggage I can take?

You will be able to find this information for your specific flight on the baggage pages here.

5. How do I find out about extra baggage charges?

You will be able to find this information for your specific flight on the baggage pages here

6. Will I need to collect my bags if I change planes on route to my destination?

For the majority of international flights with an immediate connection, your baggage will be tagged to your destination country if you are travelling on the same airline or on an inter-carrier agreement eg. KLM/Air France.

There are a number of exceptions to this rule.

1/ Travelling to the US, you will need to collect your baggage at the first entry point and clear US immigration, then follow the transfer signs to re-check your baggage for your next flight.
2/ If you are travelling on separate tickets you may need to re-check your baggage.

If in doubt ask at the check- in desk and check the baggage tag information.

7. What size suitcase can I take?

You will be able to find this information for your specific flight on the baggage pages.

8. Can I take golf clubs / bikes/ skis or other special items?

You will need to check with the airline prior to travel to ensure that you will be able to take these items. In some cases additional charges may apply.

9. Restricted items

Please find the most up to date government information at the link below, however certain destinations may have additional restrictions/

10. Can I take my child’s pram / pushchair / child seat?

The majority of carriers will allow one item free of charge, however please check with your airline before travel.

Popular airlines

You can click here for a list of airlines with links to the Baggage Allowance section.


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