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Indonesia sightseeing

Indonesia and the many islands that make up this archipelago nation uniquely combines colonial and ancient tribal history, tribal, Islamic and Hindu traditions, and outstanding natural beauty. Whether you’re visiting Bali to experience one of its many full-moon beach parties, or searching for the rare Komodo dragon in its natural habitat; you’ll find no shortage of things to do when you travel to Indonesia via

It’s possible to experience tribal traditions found nowhere else in the world, swim with Manta Rays, and climb arid mountains all in the same day when on one of Indonesia’s 13,466 islands. The capital of Jakarta offers visitors all you’d expect from a city, and more; with the thousands of small villages, and townships, offering unique experiences worthy of a postcard home.

Natural island wonders

Searching for the world’s largest flower
The Rafflesia arnoldii flower, with its large pink and white spotted fleshy petals and cavernous centre is one of Indonesia’s three national flowers, and the world’s largest single flower. Native only to the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra in Indonesia, which are disappearing at an alarming rate, now is a great time to hunt down this legendary carnivorous plant. It is said that the plant emits a smell similar to rotting flesh, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find this 1 metre long, 12 kilo beast of the rainforest flower.

Komodo dragon Tracking
As the world’s largest lizard, and a popular movie beast, wild Komodo dragons can only be found on the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. Tracking down these beasts is a worthwhile hardship, and keeps the local economy functioning, as the 2,000 or so locals rely on tourism for sustenance. It’s advisable to hire an experienced guide who knows how to follow in the footsteps of this giant, which can grow to a length of over 8 feet and take down a fully grown water buffalo with its poisonous venom. It’s best not to get too close to these Indonesian dragons.

Prambanan Temple Compounds
In Central Java, possibly the most famous Indonesian sight, the 9th century towering grey and red rock Prambanan Temples can be found. A favourite with both cultural and natural travellers, these UNESCO-listed monuments are most impressive during the early morning; as the sun rises over the horizon, and the morning mists engulf the rock towers from the forests below. A definite sight to behold.

Mount Bromo
Indisputably the most synonymous active volcano in Java, Mount Bromo stands at 2,329 metres and dominates the skyline. From the nearest Javan village of Cemoro Lawang, the volcano is a short 45-minute walk. It offers a unique opportunity to climb to the peak of one of the world’s most active volcanoes, with impressive plumes of white smoke protruding from the peak, and occasional lava spurts. When at the peak, the rising mists from the grounds below are impressive indeed.

Bunaken National Park
No visit to Indonesia would be complete without experiencing the wildlife-rich seas surrounding the islands. Near the centre of the Coral Triangle, Bunaken National Park offers a safe haven for a wide array of rare corals, fish, birds and crustaceans, including a 30 metre vertical coral wall dropping deep into the depths of the sea. Diving is a definite must in this part of Sulawesi.


Given the rich culture and history of Indonesia, with its thousands of tribes and ethnicities, its colonial history, and current efforts to preserve Indonesian heritage, museums are not in short supply across the country; the capital of Jakarta hosts a large number of internationally renowned museums. The nation’s most famous museum is the National Museum of Indonesia, which is housed in a gleaming white Dutch colonial building in the centre of Jakarta. The museum was established in 1778 as the Royal Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences, and showcases the most diverse collection of artefacts from across Indonesia.

Other notable and important museums in Indonesia include, Fort Vredeburg Museum in the city of Yogyakarta, which is nationally important for preserving documents and photographs relating to Dutch colonialism and the fight for independence. The Asian-African Conference Museum, which sheds light on the Bandung Conference of 1955 and its unification of colonised nations, and the Aceh State Museum; which has existed since 1915 and houses regionally significant artefacts, including those that highlight Aceh people’s early transition to Islam.