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Save on worldwide flights with Air France: Flying to over 1,000 destinations in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Enjoy these great flight deals with one of the world’s leading airlines and explore the world in comfort.

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cabins, baggage and inflight service
Air France is a global airline which serves 183 destinations in 98 countries and manages 1,500 flights daily. The airline boasts nearly 400 aircraft – both Boeing and Airbus carriers, although the majority of short haul flights are on Airbus aircraft. Air France was born of the merger of four of the leading French transport companies; established in 1933 it has established itself as a first class carrier. In 2000, along with Delta Airways, Aeromexico and Korean Air the airline founded the SkyTeam global alliance. In 2004 a merger between Air France and KLM placed the two airlines under the same management.


European destinations

Economy seats are arranged in a six seat per row formation, with a minimum seat pitch of 32 inches.

Premium Economy seats are also arranged in a six seat per row formation but have a larger seat pitch, ranging from 34 – 38 inches dependant on aircraft. Premium economy passengers also receive a range of French and international magazines and have a segregated cabin.

Premium Business Passengers have access to the first rows in the cabin, where the seats are arranged in a four seat per row formation with a tray table replacing the middle seats. Premium business passengers also receive complimentary magazines and newspapers.

Intercontinental destinations

Economy Passengers receive a travel amenity kit containing a relaxing eye mask, ear plugs and refreshing towelette. Seat arrangement and pitch will depend on aircraft but minimum seat pitch is 32 inches. Foot rests are fully retractable, as are headrests. Economy passengers are offered a free assortment of beverages (hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic), as well as a snack adapted to your departure hour and the length of your flight.

Premium Economy Passengers experience new premium economy seats, including power outlet socket and a personal in-flight entertainment system. Passengers will also receive French and international magazines as well as blankets, pillows and sleep kits where appropriate. Seats can be tilted back up to 123 degrees, and include a private reading lamp and a wider seat back table tray.

Business Class Passengers have wider seats with more space (seat pitch minimum of 34 inches) and are offered pillows, blankets and a specialist Affaires travel kit including toiletries. Many aircraft now offer fully reclining seats and some also include in-flight telephone services. Passengers are also offered a personal cloakroom service.
First Class Passengers are offered larger, wider recliner or lie-flat seats which are fitted with a personal entertainment system and a power socket. Also available are luxury blankets and pillows, cushions, a premier travel kit and a personalised check in service. All first class passengers have direct aisle access from their seat, as well as a private drawer to store possessions and an auto massage system in the seatback.
All premium passengers are offered a meal and selection of beverages during their flight, dependant on the departure hour and length of flight.

Air miles and alliances

Flying Blue

Air France passengers can become a member of Flying Blue, the Air France air miles rewards system. The system is simple; the more you fly with Air France or a partner airline, the more points you amass, which can be used to gain services on flights. The airline offer two types of Miles; Award Miles and Level Miles, both of which are earned every time you fly on an eligible flight.

Award Miles: Earned each time you fly KLM or with any eligible partner flight, Award miles can be spent on offers – from award tickets to hotel packages. Award Miles are valid for life, if you fly at least once every 20 months with AIR FRANCE, KLM or any other SkyTeam partner.

Level Miles: Level Miles take you to a higher Flying Blue membership level: from Ivory to Silver, Gold or Platinum. Level Miles are valid until 31 December each year. On 1 January, your Level Miles are reset to zero for a new year.


Air France is a member of the Skyteam Airline Alliance, which is made up of 13 airlines and spans the globe. The participating airlines are:
Aeroflot, based in Russia
Aeromexico, based in Mexico
Air Europa, based in Spain
Air France, based in France
Alitalia, based in Italy
China Southern Airlines, based in China
Czech Airlines, based in the Czech Republic
Delta Air Lines, based in the USA
Kenya Airways, based in Kenya
KLM, based in the Netherlands
Korean Air, based in South Korea
TAROM, based in Romania
Vietnam Airlines, based in Vietnam

SkyTeam flies to 898 airports in 169 countries, serving 385 million passengers annually.
Passengers flying on a flight operated by any SkyTeam partner can earn miles towards benefits on any partner airlines flights, according to the rules of the individual airlines. Passengers can work towards SkyTeam Elite and SkyTeam Elite Plus status, gaining benefits such as airport lounge access, priority check-in, preferred seating and guaranteed reservations on sold out flights.

If you are already a KLM silver tier passenger you automatically qualify as a SkyTeam Elite member. If you are a KLM gold or platinum tier passenger, you qualify as a SkyTeam Elite Plus passenger.

Being part of the SkyTeam Alliance also allows KLM to offer flights as part of the SkyTeam Round The World (RTW) and country specific passes. The popular RTW pass allows passengers to travel to between 3 and 15 destinations across the globe, with flights spanning between 10 days and a whole year! For more info, take a look at the SkyTeam website.

Airline meals

Special Fares

On Intercontinental flights, the choice and selection of your onboard meal will depend on the length of the flight and the cabin class.


Food and drink appropriate to the time of day and length of your flight will be offered; breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner may be offered with hot, cold and alcoholic beverages. Special meals (e.g. vegetarian / kosher) are available on all flights over 2 hours 35 minutes as long as they have been ordered at least 48 hours in advance.

Premium Economy

As above, but a cocktail (or non alcoholic alternative) will be offered, along with crackers. Meals have been selected by Nichel Nugues and accompanying complimentary wines by sommelier Olivier Poussier. A choice of two hot French meals will be offered, as well as local speciality meals for flights to Asia. For night flights, breakfast may also be offered.

Business Class

Business class passengers receive a world class service; orange juice or champagne pre take off, an amuse-bouche, a sampling of appetizers and a seasonal salad followed by a choice of 4 hot main meals. Top that off with a dessert trio, a fruit selection and sorbet.
Breakfast is offered; fruits, vegetables, cheeses, cold meals or a warm meal.

First Class

Luxury to the last, first class passengers are offered a surprising mix of amuse-bouches, followed by soup, a carefully prepared main course, a selection of cheeses, and a basket of warm, crusty bread, a dessert created by Lenôtre (for Paris departures), a fruity pleasure from our fruit basket, or a refreshing selection of our ice creams and sorbets. Add complimentary drinks – including French champagne – and snacks which will be delivered to your seat at your convenience. La Première meal service guarantees complete freedom: you choose when to eat and compose your meal as you like.

Baggage allowance

Hand baggage

One bag is permitted, not exceeding 22lb weight or dimensions 22 x 14 x 10 inches. One personal item is also allowed, such as a purse, umbrella or blanket. Additional hand luggage may be available to frequent fliers or premier passengers; check before your flight.

Hold baggage

Europe: one bag is permitted, with a maximum weight of 23kg and maximum linear dimensions of 158cm (length + width + height).
Rest of World (check to ensure your destination is covered): two bags are permitted, with a maximum weight of 23kg and maximum linear dimensions of 158cm (length + width + height).

For World Business Class and Europe Select passengers, an additional two pieces of luggage of the same size and weight as the above are permitted.

Passengers with a child under two years old without a booked seat may also check one additional piece of checked in luggage (under 10kg) and one carry-on for infant food and other in-flight necessities. You may also take one fully collapsible stroller, as a carry-on item if cabin space is available or else as checked baggage in the hold. If you have booked a seat for your child you may also take a car seat into the cabin, but there are regulations relating to the standard of car seat which are suitable; check with the airline before flying.

Sports equipment will be treated as part of your baggage and will incur excess baggage charges if necessary. This includes bicycles and SCUBA gear. The exception is golf equipment; one golf bag per passenger can be checked into the hold free of charge if the entire journey is operated by KLM or AirFrance.

Musical instruments are also treated as part of luggage and need to occupy an additional, paid for seat in the cabin if it is too large to be treated as hand luggage.

Other useful information

Special Fares

Disabled passengers may be entitled to additional services, including at airport care, reduced fare or priority boarding – please contact the airline for more information.
If travelling on an adult’s lap, infants under 2 years of age fly free of charge on domestic flights within France. On international flights, infants receive a 90% fare reduction. You also have the option of booking a seat for your infant (child fare), but the car seat must conform to safety terms and conditions.

Children’s fares may be reduced 50% on domestic trips and 33% on medium and long haul flights, so remember to alert the airline before travel.

Air France advises that all passengers should be able to ‘effortlessly move the arm rests of their seat on board up and down’. For those passengers who may compromise a section of the adjacent seat(s), it is advised that a second seat is booked in advance; these seats will receive a 25% discount. If an extra seat is booked and upon departure, at least one seat is available in the same travel class on your flight, you can apply for a refund of the costs of the second seat.

Families and children

In order to travel, an infant must be accompanied by a passenger over the age of 18. The exception to this rule is a passenger under 18 years of age can accompany an infant if he or she is the child´s father, mother, or legal guardian. Each passenger may accompany only one infant. To travel with 2 infants, a 2nd passenger is necessary. Children and accompanying adults must travel in the same cabin.

Air France can organise air travel for unaccompanied minors; please contact the airline for more information and remember that designated individuals to pick up children must be at the airport at the expected arrival time with valid photo identification.

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